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A New Study Compares Streaming Libraries

A new study recently emerged comparing the quality of content libraries between different popular streaming services. Surprising almost no one, Netflix came out on top. What is interesting about this is the fact that Netflix has a significantly smaller library of content when compared with its competitors. Despite that, the streaming giant still came out on top.

In total, this study compared the libraries of Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Amazon. While other streaming services do exist, and many are doing quite well, those four are the undisputed top dogs in that space for now.

The study attempted to evaluate these streaming libraries by measuring the quality, not the quantity, of their content. Of course quality is subjective, so this study decided to use the popular movie-rating site Rotten Tomatoes as a barometer. On that site a movie receives a “certified fresh” rating if it receives a positive score of 75% or above. This study analyzed the content of those streaming services to see which had the most content with a certified fresh rating.

According to Fortune magazine, “Netflix has 3,839 movies in its library, and 596 of those, or 15.5%, are Certified Fresh, the Observer concludes. Amazon’s Prime Video has 17,461 movies, but only 1.3%, or 232 of those films, are Certified Fresh. Hulu has 2,336 movies, including 223 that are Certified Fresh and HBO Now counts 38 of its 815 movies in its library as Certified Fresh.”.

After you look at the actual numbers, it becomes clear that none of these streaming sites offer a truly impressive amount of top-tier content. Even Netflix, the winner of this study, onle has 15.5% of its content meeting that certified fresh rating. That should give other streaming services a lot of hope. While HBO, Netflix. Amazon and Hulu are all clearly industry leaders, there is room for a streaming service to offer more highly-rated content. Will consumers respond to that? Only time will tell.


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