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AT&T Customers Get Free HBO

The competition for smartphone users business continues to heat up as AT&T brainstorms new ways to stay ahead of their competition. The latest move—free HBO. Earlier this month AT&T announced that any customers who are a part of their Unlimited Plus service will also have free access to HBO.

The telecom space has, perhaps, never been more competitive than it is now. Major players like Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T are doing anything they can to gain an edge over the other. This is a major move by AT&T because it’s offering a product that will be extremely difficult for any of the other companies to match. HBO is one of the most problem premium channels out there, particularly as Game of Thrones season approaches.

How did AT&T land this deal? Well, as Mashable points out, it is important to remember that AT&T is in the process of acquiring HBO’s parent company. So the likelihood of HBO offering this to any of AT&T’s competitors is extremely low.

The deal is simple, and effective. If you are paying for AT&T’s unlimited plus plan you will have access to HBO through your existing AT&T TV service. If it turns out that you’re an Unlimited Plus customer who does not have a TV, you’ll get access to HBO through DirecTV Now online. If you are an Unlimited Plus customer who already has HBO, you’ll receive a credit towards your monthly bill. Since HBO access is currently averaging about $15 a month a-la-carte this deal provides a great value to any Unlimited Plus subscribers.

AT&T has been milking it’s HBO connection across the board, as they recently began offering HBO for the top tiers of their DirecTV services as well. To entice even more subscribers to their TV service AT&T is also offering Unlimited Plus customers $25 off of a DirecTV Plan.

The battle for top dog in the telecom continues to heat up, but this offer from AT&T could help it rise to the front of the pack. For now, if you’re looking to pick up HBO and a new wireless plan, this could be exactly what you need.



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