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AT&T and DISH Compete In the Growing Hotel Streaming Space

AT&T and DISH Network both recently released services that allow hotel-goers to stream their video content over hotel televisions. With the continued popularity of streaming services, it only makes sense that the hospitality industry starts incorporating those services into their rooms in an attempt to create a home-living-room experience for their guests.

Traditionally, hotel televisions were subject to hotel video services which often had a limited selection and terrible UI designs. AT&T and DISH are both looking to buck that trend with their new services.

AT&T’s hotel television service is a partnership with SONIFI Solutions, called Staycast. Staycast works by leveraging Google Chromecast technology for each hotel property The Staycast offers an at-home user experience for travelers by allowing them to stream their favorite video content from any personal device to an in-room television. The service will not require guests to offer separate login credentials on the television.

Hotel guests will access the Staycast system by connecting to the hotel wifi system and downloading the Hotel Cast app on either iOS or Android. The guests will then enter a passcode provided by hotel staff. Once those steps have been completed the guest will be able to cast video content from their mobile device directly to the hotel television.

In a similar move, DISH Network revealed their equally impressive DISH Evolve system for hotels. DISH’s Evolve is a 4K-capable Android TV set-top box that allows for streaming apps and live-linear programming. The LG Electronics made system is leveraged by DISH’s existing video distribution system for hotels, SMARTBOX. Evolve can work with any hotel wiring scenario, as well as existing or upgraded infrastructures.

AT&T’s Staycast, and DISH’s Evolve system, both represent the understanding that the hospitality industry is facing demands from its clientele that are uniquely modern. People now avoid traditional proprietary video services like those often found in hotels and on airlines in previous years. Now, people prefer to watch content on their own devices; these services allow them to do that on a big screen. We can expect to see more of these services pop up in that not-too-distant future. For now, AT&T and DISH Network seem to be a bit ahead of the curve.


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