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Caavo: Your Devices Need A Boss

There has never been more ways to consume visual content then there are in 2017. From internet-enabled smart TVs, to set-top boxes, to satellite, to cable, to over-the-air antennas, there are a nearly innumerable number of devices you can connect to your living-room screen. Unfortunately, more ways to consume content does not necessarily make it easier to consume content. In fact, many consumers find the plethora of television options available a little overwhelming; enter Caavo.

Caavo is a consumer electronics startup that was co-founded by the late Blake Krikorian, who was best known for pioneering Sling TV. Blake got together with people from places like Sling, Dish and Xbox to create their first product, the self-titled Caavo.

The Caavo is designed to be the universal remote of TV-connected devices. It sports eight HDMI ports, designed to support a variety of devices including Apple TVs, Roku’s, Amazon Fire Devices, MVPD supported set-top boxes and popular gaming consoles like the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The Caavo then automatically connects and configures any of these connected devices, allowing you to control them all via the Caavo. This means you can hide those devices anywhere you want! The only wire that needs to connect to your television is the one coming from the Caavo box.

The Caavo doesn’t run any applications or store any content itself, it acts as a mediator for all of your different television-connected devices. The Caavo comes with a remote that has voice control capabilities and will also act as a new skill for those using Amazon’s Alexa devices.

The idea behind the Caavo is to provide consumers with a solution to the very real problem of having too many connected-devices and too few television ports to connect them. Anyone with several devices knows the struggle of having to change HDMI plugs when trying to switch from one device to the next. The Caavo will solve this problem by acting as the central hub for all of your content; whether that’s Call of Duty on the Playstation or catching up on your DVR catalog.

The Caavo will even boast its own user interface. In the demo given at the Recode Code Media event the Caavo was to play Stranger Things via Amazon’s Alexa. The Caavo then accessed the show through Netflix on the connected Apple TV, without having to go through the Apple TV interface to get there.

The Caavo creates a seamless user experience for consumers to access all of the television content, and helps keep a clean home media setup in the living room. The Caavo will be available to order in June 2017 and will start shipping in September. The product is set to launch with a starting price of $399.



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