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Can I Watch NFL Games On Sling TV?

With the NFL season officially underway, many Americans are scrambling to find ways to cheer on their favorite teams from home. The NFL may have the most stringent regulations when it comes to who can broadcast their games, and when they can play them. As such, we know that this can be very confusing for the average consumer who just wants to watch the game! That’s why we’ve decided to address one of the most common questions that we get this time of year—Can I watch NFL games on my Sling TV?

Not only can you watch NFL games on your Sling TV, but Sling actually offers one of the easiest and most affordable ways to follow your team all season long! Couple football content with Sling TV’s robust user interface that gives users more customization and control than ever before, and it quickly becomes clear that Sling is a great way to stay up to date on all things NFL this season.

Like most broadcasting providers, Sling TV offers various types of channel packages. Obviously, the NFL content available to you is going to vary based on which channel package you choose. Sling TV offers two different channel packages with NFL content. Let’s take a look at what each package offers.
Sling Blue— The cheapest option available with a starting price of $25 a month. Sling Blue includes access to the NFL Network, Fox and NBC. If you choose to add Sports Extras for an additional $10 a month than you will also have access to NFL Redzone. For those who don’t know, the NFL Redzone provides highlights of every single scoring play across the league.
Sling Orange—Sling Orange is a bit more expensive, but includes everything that Sling Blue has as well as all the Monday Night Football games on ESPN.

Unfortunately, it is true that this year the only way to get every single out-of-market game for your favorite team is through NFL Sunday Ticket. Sunday Ticket is currently exclusive to AT&T’s DirecTV. In fact, consumers are not even able to purchase Sunday Ticket as a stand alone streaming service unless they live in an area that does not have access to all DirecTV content. Otherwise, you are forced to purchase an entire DirecTV package just to get access to Sunday Ticket.

Never before has it been so difficult to watch NFL games than it is in 2018. That’s why DISH Network’s Sling TV has made a concerted effort to deliver as many games as possible in the easiest and most affordable way. If you are looking for a way to cheer on your favorite team, without breaking the bank. Sling TV is without a doubt the way to go.

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