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Can I Stream Netflix With Satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet had a bit of a bad reputation when it first came out, but new technology has made it a truly viable contender for traditional cable internet. There is one question that we keep hearing from people considering making the switch to satellite internet–can I stream Netflix with it?

This question comes up so often that we have decided to address it here once and for all. Yes, you can stream Netflix with satellite internet services! Now, the quality is dependent on the speed of your services, which depends on a number of factors including where you are located, and what type of plan you purchased.

While satellite internet can easily stream content, it may take a bit longer to download an entire movie–particularly if you are downloading a high-quality video. This is because the way the video data is transferred is different when you download than when you stream. Streaming is data sent for a one-time viewing, while downloading means you are saving a copy of the entire video.

Now, it is important to remember that the quality of your stream will also be affected by the maximum internet speed you have access too. Yes, satellite internet can stream Netflix, but it likely will not be able to do so at 4K quality. Even many cable internet plans are not able to deliver 4K quality content. It’s important to take a look at what the speeds are for your satellite internet package, and then decide what kind of quality you want when streaming. If you don’t have a 4K capable television this is really a non-issue.

Netflix isn’t the only reason to get satellite internet though. Availability is a huge factor for many who have made the switch to satellite services. Many people who live in more rural areas don’t have access to traditional cable services, but still want to be connected to the internet! Satellite internet is the ideal solution–all it needs is a satellite dish on your home with a clear shot at the sky! There’s no reason to live without internet in 2018.

Many people also choose satellite services because they suffer far less outages than cable internet services. Since it is a wireless service, there are no cables that can be affected by tears or falling trees.

Satellite internet services with DISH Network are also competitively priced, particularly if you decide to bundle your services. This is especially true for those who live in more rural areas because no money has to be spent laying down physical cables.

If you are a Netflix fan, and are considering satellite internet, it’s time to take the plunge. DISH Network’s satellite internet services are fast, reliable and affordable. Visit to learn more.

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