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Can You Watch DISH Network On The Go?

The days of only watching television in your living room at home are long gone. Now, people are more plugged in than ever, and as a result, are consuming more video content, in more places than ever too. DISH Network understands that, which is why they have put a lot of thought and effort into making sure their customers can watch DISH content on the go. If you are a DISH Network customer looking to watch content on something other than your TV, than DISH Anywhere is going to be your best friend.

DISH Anywhere is DISH Network’s on-the-go content hub. Whether you are on a computer, smartphone or tablet, DISH Anywhere is ready to give you access to a massive amount of content, as long as you have an internet connection.

When we say a massive amount of content, we mean massive. DISH Anywhere provides access to over 20,000 full-length TV shows and movies, from over 150 major networks, including the big names like ABC and CBS. Not only does DISH Anywhere give you access to on-demand content, but it also gives you full access to your DVR library.

Of course, like any online video library, contracts come and go. That means that from time to time, you will see new videos available, and old ones go away. That’s just the nature of online videos, but DISH makes it a priority to ensure to make as much content available on the go as possible.

DISH Anywhere is not just about being able to watch your content on the go, it’s also focused on allowing DISH Network customers to control their content on the go. With DISH Anywhere there is no more rushing home to set your DVR before the game. All you have to do is open the app, or go to the website, and select the program you want to record. DISH Anywhere gives you full DVR control, no matter where you are.

It is worth noting that DISH Network has to be accessed in different ways, depending on which device you are trying to access it from. If you are using a laptop or computer, you are going to want to use an internet browser to access your content. If you are trying to access your content from a phone or tablet, you’ll just need to download the DISH Anywhere app from either the Apple Store or Google Play.

DISH Anywhere gives you maximum control over your content, no matter where you are. Whether you just want to catch the game from your phone, set your DVR during that late meeting or check on what your kids are watching. DISH Anywhere makes it easy. For the parents out there, it’s important to know that you can still set, and edit, parental controls from the DISH Anywhere platform.

Think of DISH Anywhere as an extension of your home media experience. The best part? It’s totally free. If you are a DISH Network subscriber, than you have access to DISH Anywhere.

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