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What’s Going On With DISH Network And DirecTV?

DISH Network once again finds itself in the right place at the right time. Just a few weeks after the company announced its deal to purchase wireless assets and spectrum from Sprint and T-Mobile, the satellite company now finds itself in a position to scoop up DirecTV. DirecTV’s parent company AT&T has found itself under […]

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Will The Sprint/T-Mobile Merger Affect DISH Network’s Stock?

DISH Network has been in the news cycle a lot lately. While their satellite services have been under fire for various blackouts due to contract negotiations, the company seems to be thriving due to their recent deal with Sprint and T-Mobile. However, despite the U.S. Depart of Justice’s (DOJ) recent decision to approve the merger, […]

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Does DISH Network Still Offer Satellite TV?

DISH Network has been making a lot of news headlines recently, but not for what you may think. For decades DISH was associated with robust satellite TV options, but the company has begun to pivot over the last few years to more profitable industries. Of course, that pivot has morphed into more of a hard […]

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What Is Going On With DISH Network’s Stock?

DISH Network recently made waves in the broadcasting and wireless industry when it was announced that they are purchasing T-Mobile’s wireless assets. This deal allowed the T-Mobile and Sprint merger to finally get approval from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). News like that would cause most people to expect to see DISH Network’s stock […]

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Is DISH A Wireless Carrier Now?

Recently it’s hard to read an article about DISH Network without the phrase “wireless carrier” coming up. For those who have not been following the wireless industry closely, this might seem a bit confusing. It’s led to a lot of people asking: Is DISH a wireless carrier now? No they are not, but that doesn’t […]

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Is 5G Dangerous?

The next-generation of wireless technology is widely known to be 5G services. It’s a product that is going to be widely used, and many companies are working hard to get their piece of the pie while they can. Even DISH Network is expected to utilize their massive spectrum holdings to create one of the first […]

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Why Did DISH Network’s Shares Drop?

Those who follow the telecom space closely likely noticed that DISH Network’s shared dropped by 10% over the last few weeks. While stock fluctuation is normal, a drop of that amount is usually caused by a specific event. In this case, DISH’s stock drop can be directly tied to a recent downgrade by Wall Street. […]

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Can Satellite Dishes Be Recycled?

Whether you are moving, switching to a streaming service like Sling TV, or maybe you just want updated sleeker hardware, a lot of people are finding themselves trying to figure out what to do with their old satellite dish. As it turns out, getting rid of a satellite dish is not as easy as you […]

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Does AT&T Have A Streaming Service?

Those who follow the streaming space might be wondering about what exactly AT&T is doing with their streaming services. After all, they already have HBO Now and DirectTV Now, and now they are launching a third: WarnerMedia. This newly announced service comes in the wake of the AT&T/Time Warner merger. While details are scarce, we […]

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Is DISH Going To Buy Sprint?

Could DISH Network buy Sprint? If you know the answer to that question already, you are going to be an incredibly wealthy person. The fate of Sprint and T-Mobile seem to be entwined as they continue to work out the details on their previously announced merger. All of that could be changing if the recent […]

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