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Hulu Takes The Live-Streaming Crown

DISH Network got in on the streaming revolution early with their 2015 release of Sling TV, DISH’s own streaming service. Despite the continued growth of the space, with companies like Sony throwing their hats into the ring, Sling TV maintained the most subscribers for a live-streaming service for years. That reign has finally come to […]

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Carriers Support FCC’s C-Band Plan

The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai recently proposed that the C-band spectrum be cleared and put up for public auction. That proposal has garnered a significant amount of pushback from several senators and public interest groups. However, major telecom carriers like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have all come forward to express their support […]

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DISH Network & Apollo Remain Locked In A Contract Dispute

DISH Network finds itself locked in yet another contract dispute that’s resulted in a blackout for many of their customers. This time DISH Network and Apollo Global Management are the two companies that failed to reach a deal. Customers in Washington, Idaho and the Tri-Cities have all been affected by this blackout in different ways. […]

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Verizon Looks To Combat Cord Cutting by Dropping Traditional Packages

Verizon recently announced that they are separating traditional cable bundles in an effort to combat the popular cord-cutting trend. Millions of Americans have been ditching the traditional cable packages in favor of more affordable streaming packages that allow them to better customize the content that they want. Verizon hopes that by making it easier for […]

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DirecTV’s Satellite May Explode In Orbit After Malfunction

A Boeing-made satellite that is owned by AT&T’s DirecTV and operated by Intelsat suffered damage to its batteries in December, according to recent reports. The damage was not insignificant and the satellite is now at risk of exploding. This information came to light recently when DirecTV had to disclose the issue to the Federal Communications […]

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AT&T’s Audience Network Is About To Get A Major Makeover

For many years, AT&T’s audience network has been a channel dedicated to showcasing the content available on AT&T’s service. The audience network began as the Freeview in 1999; a channel that played concerts and events on continuous loops. In 2005 that channel transitioned into the satellite operators guide: the 101 network. Now the channel will […]

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What’s Going On With The T-Mobile/Sprint Merger?

The future of the wireless carrier industry in the United States has been in flux for close to a year at this point. The potential merger between T-Mobile and Sprint is set to completely transform the space, but it still faces opposition in the courts. The final judicial decision is coming soon, but so far […]

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AT&T Launches Low-Band 5G Network

T-Mobile is no longer the only provider offering 5G coverage in the United States. AT&T has officially launched their low-band 5G network, just in time for the release of their flagship Galaxy Note 10 Plus smartphone. The company has stated that they plan to release high-band 5G in the near future. For those who don’t […]

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T-Mobile Officially Launches 5G Network

America’s first major 5G-network has officially launched thanks to T-Mobile. While other companies have been testing their 5G networks in select areas, T-Mobile has finally brought the lighting-fast network to the masses. Thanks to T-Mobile 200 million people across 5,000 cities in the U.S. are now blanketed by 5G coverage. That means that T-Mobile is […]

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Why Is The T-Mobile And Sprint Merger Still Pending?

Anyone who follows the wireless space at all has likely been reading about this T-Mobile and Sprint merger for months. For a long time it looked as though the merger might not be approved, now most think it will happen but even that is not certain. There are three events that had to happen for […]

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