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SlingTV Continues To Help DISH Move Forward

DISH Network has had an interesting year so far. The company has been involved in a multitude of carrier disputes, even forcing HBO into it’s first blackout in the companies history. All of that, and DISH found itself on the positive end of a U.S. Department of Justice decision to help the T-Mobile and Sprint […]

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Fox And DISH Resolve Their Contract Dispute

DISH Network subscribers across the country are rejoicing in the fact that DISH and FOX have finally resolved their dispute. This dispute culminated in a full blackout of FOX channels (including sports networks) on all DISH networks starting on September 26. “We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with Dish and […]

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DISH Customers Forced To Deal With Another Blackout

At this point DISH subscribers are no strangers to dealing with a channel blackout or two for each year. The satellite-provider-turned-wireless-carrier has a long history of hard negotiating tactics when it comes to renewing carriage contracts. The latest channels temporarily blacked out by DISH? FOX and FS1. FOX is not backing down, and has gone […]

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What’s Going On With DISH Network And DirecTV?

DISH Network once again finds itself in the right place at the right time. Just a few weeks after the company announced its deal to purchase wireless assets and spectrum from Sprint and T-Mobile, the satellite company now finds itself in a position to scoop up DirecTV. DirecTV’s parent company AT&T has found itself under […]

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DISH Faces Continued Blackouts

DISH Network has long held the reputation of being a tough negotiator when it comes to carrier contracts for its satellite television services. In 2019 the company has more than lived up to its reputation. Most recently, DISH announced that they were dropping the Altitude Sports, and the satellite provider has still yet to reach […]

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AAC Network Launches, But Good Luck Finding It

It has been three years since the official announcement of the ACC Network, but the wait is finally over. The ACC Network went live in late August, but fans may have a difficult time finding out where exactly to watch it. Jason Dennard, FSU’s Associate Athletics Director for New Revenue Generation and Marketing spoke with […]

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What Is Going On With DISH Network’s Stock?

DISH Network recently made waves in the broadcasting and wireless industry when it was announced that they are purchasing T-Mobile’s wireless assets. This deal allowed the T-Mobile and Sprint merger to finally get approval from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). News like that would cause most people to expect to see DISH Network’s stock […]

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DISH Is The Next Wireless Provider

After months of speculation, it is now official that DISH Network will replace Sprint as the fourth major wireless carrier in the United States. This also means that the megamerger between Sprint and T-Mobile is finally ready to move forward with the approval of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ made it clear […]

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Why Is Disney Mad At DISH?

It’s probably a bit confusing to see Disney and DISH in a disagreement for those who don’t closely follow the broadcasting space. Luckily there is no bad news for fans of DISH or Disney, the two companies are involved in a common contract dispute. Does that mean that Disney-owned channels will be leaving DISH? It’s […]

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DISH Faces More Channel Outages

DISH Network has a reputation for being a hard bargainer when it comes to contract negotiations. They are the only ones in HBO’s history to have forced a channel blackout; a situation that has been ongoing since November 2018. Other TV networks are facing a similar situation as DISH’s carrier contracts come do. Most notably, […]

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