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Google Rumored To Be In Talks With DISH To Build 4th Mobile Carrier In U.S

The T-Mobile and Sprint merger continues to find itself up against the wall as the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) decides whether to allow the merger to go through or not. At the moment, the merger seems poised to fail, unless a fourth mobile carrier is created to help keep the market out of a […]

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How Is DISH Involved In The T-Mobile/Sprint Megamerger?

If you follow the telecommunications space at all, then you have likely been reading about the T-Mobile and Sprint megamerger that has been pending for months now. Recently, DISH Network has been increasingly mentioned when that merger comes up. This has led to a lot of people asking why that is. What does DISH have […]

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Several States Sue To Stop T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

Nine states and Washington D.C. have banded together to file a joint lawsuit in an attempt to block the pending merger between T-Mobile and Sprint. The merger is valued at an astounding $26.5 billion, but still requires the approval of the FCC and the Justice Department before it can go through. The main concern is […]

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The Mystery Surrounding AT&T’s New Streaming Service Continues

Anyone who follows the streaming space knows that a lot of new players are looking to get in on the game. Apple and AT&T are two of the first that come to mind. While Apple has released quite a bit of information about their service, AT&T has remained rather tight lipped until recently. AT&T’s CEO […]

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Dish Network Buys EchoStar For $800 Million

In a move designed to free up cash flow and create operating efficiencies, DISH Network purchased the EchoStar satellite business for a cool $800 million. That purchase includes nine direct-broadcast satellites, select real-estate property and all the personnel associated with their satellite operations. Those who have been paying attention to DISH Network for a while […]

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Does AT&T Have A Streaming Service?

Those who follow the streaming space might be wondering about what exactly AT&T is doing with their streaming services. After all, they already have HBO Now and DirectTV Now, and now they are launching a third: WarnerMedia. This newly announced service comes in the wake of the AT&T/Time Warner merger. While details are scarce, we […]

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Q1 Shows Loss of HBO Took A Toll On DISH Network

DISH Network recently reported a less than stellar first quarter, which is likely due to the carriers loss of HBO services. Of course, this comes at the worst possible time as HBO is in the middle of airing the final season of its flagship series Game of Thrones. Lest we forget, DISH also suffered from […]

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Is DISH Going To Buy Sprint?

Could DISH Network buy Sprint? If you know the answer to that question already, you are going to be an incredibly wealthy person. The fate of Sprint and T-Mobile seem to be entwined as they continue to work out the details on their previously announced merger. All of that could be changing if the recent […]

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Pluto TV Proves That Innovation Is Still Possible In The Broadcasting Space

The rampant success of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu made many studying the broadcasting media space believe that the Netflix model was the only one that would be viable in the future. The growing success of Pluto TV proves that that simply is not true. The Netflix streaming model is something that many streaming […]

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Verizon Plans To Begin 5G Rollout in 2019

5G is the buzzword of the year for 2019. Samsung made waves when it announced at its Unpacked event that their next flagship phone, the Galaxy S10 will be 5G capable. At that same event, they also announced that Verizon will have a short-term exclusive on that phone when it first launches. In conjunction with […]

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