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Is 5G Safe?

If you’re at all interested in the wireless space, chances are you have been reading quite a lot about 5G over the last year or two. T-Mobile has already launched their nationwide 5G network, and many other carriers are close on their heels. Now that 5G is starting to actually arrive, an increasing number of […]

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DISH Anywhere Embraces Android Functionality

DISH Anywhere is DISH Network’s streaming service that allows its customers to access thousands of on-demand titles, recorded content and live-TV using your tablet, phone or computer. DISH Anywhere truly allows you to access your television content anywhere, unless you have an android device. At least, that used to be case. Now, DISH Network has […]

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The Rise of Ultra High-Definition Content

At this point, most everyone knows what high-definition content means. The contrast between standard definition and high definition is stark. Most television providers even offer high-definition content as a standard part of their services these days. However, many of you may have heard of a new resolution classification floating around these days: 4K or ultra […]

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A Basic Overview of ATSC 3.0

The world of broadcast television is changing. The rise of subscription video on demand services has given broadcast TV its first taste of major competition. Now, while many of you might not use over-the-air television signals for your video content these days, there are still millions of Americans that do. Which is why the Advanced […]

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DISH Network’s Sling TV Cloud DVR Beta

In what can only be seen as a direct response to AT&T’s recent DirecTV NOW launch, DISH Network has announced a new network DVR beta test for Sling TV subscribers. The beta is showcasing what is being touted as a true cloud DVR with up to 100 hours of storage space. When you hear “cloud […]

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DISH Network’s TV Services For Those On The Go

Do you love to travel? Are you a big tailgater? Do you enjoy glamping? DISH Network gets it, and is ready to take your mobile television experiences to the next level. While you may have thought that outdoor television services were impossible, or out of your price range, DISH is here to change your mind. […]

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DISH Network’s Free Satellite TV Equipment Offer

One of the most common reasons non-satellite customers cite for not switching to a satellite provider is the cost and hassle associated with setting up satellite TV hardware. The reality is that complaint is outdated and thanks to advances in technology, completely false. DISH Network will not only install your equipment typically within 24 hours, […]

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Technology: Receivers

DISH Duo 322 Receiver The DISH Duo Receiver allows viewers to watch standard-definition programming on two different TVs in 480i display resolution. This receiver comes with two remotes, one for each TV that this technology supports. Other features include: an on-screen electronic program guide, parental controls, favorites and theme lists, browse capability, closed-caption, one-touch channel […]

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A Comparison Between the Hopper 3 DVR and the HD-DuoDVR

DVR services have become an integral component for any television package, but despite what you may think, all DVR hardware is not created equal. If you’ve been a DISH Network customer for a while, you’ve likely used the HD-DuoDVR, a beautiful piece of equipment for its time, but its time has passed. 2016 is the […]

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What is a Direct Broadcast Satellite?

When looking for a new television provider, it becomes clear that the landscape is dominated by one basic choice–satellite or cable? We all know that cable is just what it sounds like, television service provided by transmitting radio frequencies through cables. In contrast, DISH Network provides premium television services through direct broadcast satellite. But what […]

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