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Comcast Begins Rollout of xFi Pods

In 2017 people’s patience for WiFi networks not working is incredibly low. Having a working WiFi network at home is necessary for many people, not just for entertainment, but to earn a living. Internet providers understand this and, as such, are constantly looking for ways to improve the reliability of their WiFi networks. Comcast has taken a big step in that direction with the rollout of their xFi Pods.

The xFi Pod is a device that plugs into a normal wall outlet that extends WiFi coverage into trouble spots in your home. The hexagon-shaped devices work together to create an in-home mesh network which extends the reach of your WiFi network. Naturally, these devices work well with Comcast’s new cloud-based WiFi management platform that launched in May of 2016.

Since these devices are designed to create a mesh network, they work best in groups which is why Comcast is not currently offering them individually. The devices are available in packs of three or six. While the prices could change as these become available in more regions, they are currently priced at $119 for a three pack or $199 for a six pack.

The xFi Pods are not available everywhere just yet. Comcast began rolling these out in Boston and Chicago in early December. Eric Schaefer, SVP and GM of communications, data and mobility services at Comcast, explained in a blog post that Comcast plans to roll these devices out nationally at some point during 2018.


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