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Comcast Brings Its Tech ETA Feature To The Masses

The arrival windows that service technicians give customers are notoriously long, and over time that has had a severely negative impact on customer satisfaction. No company knows this better than Comcast, who has been working hard to reverse a rather negative reputation around their customer service. Comcast recently released a new tool that is designed to help solve that technician window problem. Following a slew of successful trials in various individual markets, Comcast has rolled out its Tech ETA app to everyone who lives in a Comcast-supported area.

The Tech ETA app allows Comcast customers to track their technicians and installers in real time via their smartphone. While earlier versions of the app utilized a live-location display on a map, the new version keeps it a little more vague. Now, Tech ETA tells users when technicians are actually en route for a scheduled appointment and gives them a 30 minute arrival window. The app also sends users a photo of the technician they can expect, so customers feel more comfortable letting a stranger into their homes.

Charlie Herrin, EVP of customer experience for Comcast laid it all out in a recent blog post saying “No more calling in to confirm that we’ll be there or guessing when your tech is on their way – Tech ETA will tell you when they are ‘en route’ and have arrived at your home. You can even see the tech’s name and photo, so you know exactly who to expect at your door.”

Comcast’s 30 minute windows aren’t just window dressing this time, they are actually accurate. In fact, Comcast reported an astounding 97% on-time arrival rate during 2016. If a technician misses the scheduled window, the customer is automatically provided with a $20 billing credit.

Critics of the app contend that by providing customers with so much live-tracking data technicians will be constantly on the clock, with every move monitored. This constant focus on time could lead to less than optimal technician performance down the line.

Scott Dutton, the director of product management for CSG, pointed out that the apps do factor in geographical location and traffic, and actually make installation work more efficient for indie contractors, in a 2016 Slate article.

The Tech ETA app is another piece of the Comcast customer care initiative that launched in 2015. Hopefully the Tech ETA app is an effective piece in helping improve Comcast’s customer service.



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