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Comcast Hopes xFi Will Change WiFi

Comcast is set to officially launch it’s xFi cloud-powered home WiFi service and management platform in March of 2017. The service had a soft launch in January and will now be rebranded to xFi for its official full-service launch. During their Q1 earnings call, Comcast revealed that the service will launch already supporting millions of already-deployed gateways.

Current Comcast customers may have already seen xFi services pop up on their X1 set-tops via mobile apps. The company confirmed that they had been conducting technology tests among various customers over the last few weeks leading up to the May launch. There is, however, no official number as to how many current customers already have access to xFi services. Brian Roberts, Comcast’s chairman and CEO, said on the same earnings call that they expect roughly 10 million customers to have access to the service on launch day.

The xFi service is operated via an app that customers can install on either an iOS or Android device. They will then use the app to check on network activity, adjust device settings and even monitor usage of each individual in your home through the use of digital profiles. The system will even let you implement a “bedtime” mode, which will pause all WiFi service in the house for a set period of time. These apps are available to download on both operating systems as of April 18, 2017.

Dave Watson, Comcast Cable’s new CEO spoke more about the service with saying, “Our goal is to do with broadband what we did with video with X1 – create a better experience with WiFi. It lets you define the user experience throughout the household…There’s more to come on that, but I think it’s a premium position for us and evidence that we’ll keep on growing the broadband category, not just on speed, but coverage.”

Comcast saw tremendous growth during the first quarter of this year—reporting an additional 42,000 residential and business video customers for a total of 22.54 million. Their X1 TV service continues to be the clear driver behind their growth, and if they can turn this xFi service into anything close to the powerhouse X1 has been, Comcast will be in great shape.


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