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A Comparison Between the Hopper 3 DVR and the HD-DuoDVR

DVR services have become an integral component for any television package, but despite what you may think, all DVR hardware is not created equal. If you’ve been a DISH Network customer for a while, you’ve likely used the HD-DuoDVR, a beautiful piece of equipment for its time, but its time has passed. 2016 is the era of the Hopper, and the latest installment in this series (the Hopper 3) is the single most powerful piece of DVR hardware to ever hit the market. Let’s take a look at how the Hopper 3 compares to the old HD-DuoDVR and explore how it can improve your television watching experience.

Hopper 3 DVR vs. HD-DuoDVR

The most basic standard for DVR comparison these days is HD content storage space and simultaneous recording abilities. The HD-DuoDVR holds up to 55 hours of recorded HD content and allows you to record shows on two different TVs. In comparison, the Hopper 3 boasts up to 500 hours of recorded HD content storage and has the potential to record up to 16 different shows at once in 4k, depending on your hardware setup. By the most basic of standards, the Hopper 3 blows the HD-DuoDVR out of the water.

However, the storage space is not even the most impressive part of the Hopper 3, it’s the features that it offers. My favorite feature is the AutoHop commercial-skipping technology. With the AutoHop function enabled, you’ll be able to watch any prime time recorded content, 24 hours after the original air date, without any commercials! You won’t realize how revolutionary this feature is until you experience it, but trust us, you won’t be going back to commercial television.

The Hopper 3 offers a myriad of apps to better connect all of the digital entertainment in your life. From Pandora, to Netflix and Facebook, the Hopper gives you access to all of your digital needs, right from your television. If you’re looking to set the mood, the Hopper 3 comes with over 70 channels of Sirius Satellite Radio and Bluetooth audio connectivity. SRS TruVolume technology will even make sure that mood isn’t ruined with volume fluctuations between shows. With the Hopper 3, any TV is a smart TV.

Another customer-favorite feature of the Hopper is the remote locator. You can control the Hopper from any smart device, and if you’ve misplaced your physical remote you can trigger the remote locator, which causes the remote to beep loudly until it’s found. You will never have to find four old remotes under your couch when you move out again.

The HD-DuoDVR is a wonderful piece of machinery, but it’s a Prius and the Hopper 3’s a Ferrari–The Hopper 3 is simply a more powerful machine. With more storage space, more features, and more potential, the Hopper 3 is hands down the best choice for DVR hardware. It will truly change the way you experience television, and only with DISH.


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