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What is a Direct Broadcast Satellite?

When looking for a new television provider, it becomes clear that the landscape is dominated by one basic choice–satellite or cable? We all know that cable is just what it sounds like, television service provided by transmitting radio frequencies through cables. In contrast, DISH Network provides premium television services through direct broadcast satellite. But what exactly is a direct broadcast satellite?

At the most basic level, a direct broadcast satellite is a satellite system that transmits television signals to the end user via a satellite in geosynchronous orbit with the Earth. A direct broadcast satellite relies on microwave and radio frequencies to transmit television data in a digital format. This means that all of DISH Network’s television services are digital, not analog.

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Let’s break that down a little more. A geosynchronous orbit means that the satellite is rotating 22,247 miles above the equator, in the Clark Belt, at roughly the same speed that the Earth is rotating. Since the satellite and the Earth are rotating together, the satellite is able to maintain a constant connection with a stationary dish at a specific geographical location on Earth. This allows one satellite, or a series of satellites, to provide constant coverage in designated areas.

An important aspect of DISH Network’s direct broadcast satellites is the Echostar Spot Beam Technology that their satellites utilize. This technology actually enables DISH to deliver local channels to a specific geographical area via a satellite “spot beam”. The best way to understand spot beams is to think of a satellite signal as a flashlight. Wherever the flashlight is shining, the local channels are transmitted. This allows DISH Network to use the same radio frequencies to deliver different channels to you, depending on what spot beam your area is being targeted with.

DISH Network’s digital receivers are TVRO (TV receive only), so they receive information from the satellites but don’t send any back. A customer’s satellite dish receives the downlinked signal from a DISH Network satellite through a low noise blocked feed (LNBF), which then projects the signal onto the customer’s television. This keeps your information private and ensures stable service.

Consumers today expect exemplary picture quality, and seamless high-speed service. DISH Network surpasses consumer expectations by utilizing cutting-edge technology like direct broadcast satellites to provide superior service. Buy DISH Network today and experience the power of modern technology in your everyday life.


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