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DISH Brings Music To Their Hopper DVR

DISH Network continues to innovate and provide value at no additional cost to their service subscribers. If you’ve been waiting to make the switch to DISH, now is the time. CES 2017 has been an exciting time for DISH. They announced their new AirTV product, Alexa integration with Hopper and DISH Music! Today, we’re going to focus on, what has so far, been the most underrated of these announcements–DISH Music.

Let’s start with the basics; what is DISH Music? DISH Music is a Hopper DVR feature that utilizes DTS Play-Fi technology to allow customers to sync music through their entire home using one control center. DISH’s vice president of product management, Niraj Desai, was quoted in a recent DISH release saying

“The Hopper is capable of serving as a household’s comprehensive entertainment hub…Incorporating DTS Play-Fi technology into our offerings provides DISH customers with a premium whole-home music streaming option, in addition to the television experience they already love, at no additional cost.”

DISH Music will utilize any TV-audio systems that are connected to their Hopper or Joey devices to provide music in the specified rooms. DISH Music can also connect to any DTS Play-Fi-enabled speakers, allowing you to create as many different music zones in your home as you like!

The entire process can be controlled via a DISH Music app on Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. Using the app, customers can choose to play the same music across all of their sound zones or to play different content in each zone. This allows the Hopper to act as the comprehensive entertainment hub that Desai was talking about.

Users will be able to pull content from numerous popular streaming sources including: TIDAL, Pandora, Deezer, iHeartRadio and Amazon Music. More sources will likely become compatible after the product hits the market. DISH Music is currently being rolled out to DISH’s existing customers and will likely be completely launched by the end of February 2017.

DISH Network has announced significant upgrades to their Hopper DVR services during CES 2017, and all at no extra cost to their subscribers. DISH is clearly making the effort to put itself at the forefront of the future broadcasting space and position their Hopper as a full-service entertainment hub for a connected home is a great first step.



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