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DISH Network Directs Game of Thrones Fans To HBO Now

If you happen to be a DISH Network subscriber and a Game of Thrones fan, than you may have to wait for winter a bit longer than expected. DISH and HBO are still locked in a contract dispute that has blacked out HBO for months. The blackout is affecting both DISH’s satellite subscribers, and members of their premium streaming app, Sling TV.

For those who don’t remember, this dispute stems from a disagreement over what a “carrier fee” is. DISH contends that HBO’s parent company, AT&T, is demanding payment for a specified number of subscribers, regardless of how many people actually subscribe.

While many hoped this issue would be resolved before the premier of the final season of Game of Thrones, that time has already come and gone. In fact, DISH itself is now advising its customers to subscribe to HBO Now if they want to watch the popular fantasy show.

DISH has even gone so far as to create a website, explaining to their customers that HBO is no longer available through DISH and that if they want to watch game of thrones, they will have to subscribe to HBO Now.

It may seem odd for a company to direct their customers to subscribe to a different service, but such is the popularity of HBO and their flagship show, Game of Thrones. While DISH does not receive any financial compensation for directing people towards HBO Now they are definitely helping to keep their customers happy.

So, will this standoff between DISH and HBO last forever? It’s hard to tell. April marks the fifth month of the blackout, and neither company has shown any signs of budging. Remember, this channel blackout is the first in the companies history, which shows just how seriously they are taking this current problem with DISH.

For now, DISH subscribers should look into HBO Now if they want to watch Game of Thrones anytime soon.


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