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DISH Network Introduces the AirTV

Video content has come a long way since it was first conceived. From black-and-white movies, to color, to high-definition, to 4K–video content has never looked as realistic as it does in 2017. While 4K is considered the pinnacle of video today, it is still difficult for consumers with 4K screens to find 4K content. Which is one of the impetuses behind DISH Network creating their new product, the AirTV.

The AirTV is DISH Network’s answer to the 4K content dilemma, but it can also act as a one-stop shop for all of your video watching needs. The set-top box is based on Google’s Android software and combines Google Play with SlingTV and an over-the-air antenna. You can pick up networks with the antenna, watch premium content with SlingTV and basically anything else through Google Play applications. Not only that, but the AirTV will play your content in 4K if that level of quality is available from the video sources.

For the moment, your 4K options are still limited to Netflix, Youtube and some Google Play movies. However, because the AirTV is based on Android television, you’ll be able to access more 4K content as it becomes available from different sources. This makes the AirTV invaluable for consumers with a 4K screen who are looking to find viable sources of 4K content.

The AirTV is easy to install, with minimal setup required to attach the over-the-air antenna to the set-top box. The AirTV comes with a Bluetooth remote that has voice control built in. The remote includes several useful hotkeys including buttons for Netflix, Sling and Youtube.

The AirTV is available from DISH Network in two different configurations. The cheaper model does not include an over-the-air antenna. The more expensive model does include the antenna, however if you opt for the cheaper model now DISH does sell antenna adapters for an additional fee. Both models include the bluetooth remote and dual-band wifi connectivity.

The AirTV is available from DISH Network now! With it’s diversified content sources the AIrTV is a viable alternative for those looking to get away from an expensive cable package. The voice control and content hotkeys on the remote make the AirTV user friendly for even the most illiterate of tech users. Overall, the AirTV is reasonably priced media streaming powerhouse that may be just the thing potential cord-cutters are looking for.



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