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DISH Network Is Making Your Hotel Stay More Comfortable

DISH Network already offers some amazing services for the frequent traveler–remote access to your DVR, and DISH Anywhere which allows full access to all your content no matter where you are, are both amazing for the frequent flyers out there. DISH made a recent announcement that is sure to please both regular travelers, and annual vacationers alike. The popular broadcasting company is bringing Netflix to hotel rooms via their Evolve hospitality system.

Evolve launched in 2017, and is designed to provide hotel guests with DISH’s live-TV service and streaming apps via an android set-top box in hotel rooms. Before now, YouTube and Sling TV were both available, but, quite noticeably, Netflix was missing. Luckily enough for Netflix users that clear omission is no more! DISH and Netflix announced that they will be rolling out Netflix functionality to DISH’s Evolve systems over the next few months.

As a hotel guest, you will need your own Netflix account to utilize this feature. However, if privacy is a concern, DISH has you covered. Every Evolve-android box will automatically delete your Netflix login info when you check out. Guests will be able to login to their Netflix account via the Evolve menu or through a Chromecast stream.

Enseo CEO Vanessa Ogle told Variety last year that Netflix has proven to be a lot more popular than adult entertainment in hotel rooms. Which is why it comes as no surprise that Evolve is not the first to work with Netflix to bring its services to hotel rooms. Most notably, Marriott has had a deal with Netflix since 2015. Enseo has been a long time Netflix collaborator as well.

The power of Netflix still seems to be growing, and the service is a favorite for the video-content consumption of people around the world. We can expect to continue to see Netflix integration grow in various industries. It’s exciting to see that DISH Network recognizes this and is putting an effort to stay on the cutting edge of the streaming trend.

Netflix Is Coming to More Hotel Rooms, Courtesy of Dish

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