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DISH Network and Verizon Fios Services Comparison

While most people have heard of Verizon Fios’s internet offerings, not many are aware that they are also a television provider. It’s important to do your research and understand your options when selecting a provider. While having the same company that provides your cell service do the same for your television service may sound tempting, it really shouldn’t be. When you look at the specifics, DISH Network provides more channels, features, and services at a considerably better price. If you’re choosing between Verizon Fios and DISH, buy DISH Network.

Customer First

First thing’s first, DISH Network offers the best customer service in the industry, period. DISH will send a certified technician to your home anywhere in the country, usually within 24 hours. Verizon Fios can’t say that. DISH’s technician will not only set up all of the hardware that you need, they’ll also show you how to use it! DISH makes it easier than ever before to revolutionize your television experience, and they do so at an affordable cost.

You don’t have to take our word for it, just look at the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) ratings since 2010. In a head-to-head comparison DISH has consistently ranked higher than Verizon Fios in call center satisfaction, website satisfaction, clearest bill to understand, and lowest customer complaint rate.

State of the Art

Losing the remote can put a damper on any movie night, but with DISH’s remote locator you’ll never have to tear apart your couch again. DISH also offers Bluetooth audio, wireless receivers, a built-in Netflix app, and access to DISH Anywhere™. Verizon Fios won’t provide any of that. Fios does offer 60 hours of HD recording storage, but DISH’s Hopper 3 offers 500 hours, so that’s not much of an incentive.

The Hopper 3 is what truly sets DISH Network’s technology apart from the competition. Not only does it boast 500 hours of HD recording storage, but it will help you fill it up with the capacity to record up to 16 different shows at once. DISH’s AutoHop technology lets you skip commercials, so you can empty it out just as quickly. With the Hopper 3 PrimeTime Anytime feature allows you to watch any primetime show without commercials 24 hours after the original air date.

Between the Hopper 3 and DISH’s mobile app (DISH Anywhere™) you’ll never miss a show again. DISH Anywhere gives you access to 100% of your live TV, recorded, and on-demand content on any of your mobile devices.


The true barometer when choosing a television provider is value: what am I getting and what is it costing me? You already know that with DISH Network you’re getting some of best tech in the industry, with the best service in the industry to help you use it. It’s time to compare the value between a DISH Network package and a Verizon Fios one. To do that, we’re going to compare similar plans.

Let’s look at DISH’s America’s Top 120 package and Verizon Fios’ Custom TV package. DISH offers 190+ channels including ESPN, ESPN2, plus three months of access to more than 40 premium channels — all at no additional cost. If you want a wireless receiver, local channels, and regional sports, you better be willing to pay up if you’re a Verizon Fios customer. With DISH Network all of those options are included–but what is the cost of these packages?

DISH Network offers a two-year price guarantee on 24-month contracts starting at $79.99 per month without the recurring fees that Fios adds. For fees alone, Verizon Fios charges a minimum of $12 a month for an HD set-top box, $10 a month for a router, and $3.49 a month for Broadcasting, not including taxes and more potential fees (like a $60.01 setup charge). Throw in the basic Custom Fios TV plan at a monthly rate of $64.99, and you’re facing an average of $732 more than DISH Network over a two-year period, and for less! That’s not a good value.

Choosing a television provider is a big decision, especially if you’re entering a contract. It’s important to do your research, and now that you’ve done it, you know that buying a DISH Network package is the right choice. With double the DVR storage capacity, more channels and a cheaper guaranteed rate, Verizon Fios simply can’t compete.


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