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DISH Network’s TV Services For Those On The Go

Do you love to travel? Are you a big tailgater? Do you enjoy glamping? DISH Network gets it, and is ready to take your mobile television experiences to the next level. While you may have thought that outdoor television services were impossible, or out of your price range, DISH is here to change your mind. With three different mobile antenna options (The KING Tailgater, The Playmaker and The Pathway X2) DISH can make any road trip better! Let’s dive into the specifics and find out which of these mobile antenna options is right for you.

The Tailgater

Are you more than just a fan? Is supporting your team a way of life? Are you tailgating every game? DISH is ready to take your season experience to the next level with The KING Tailgater automatic antenna. Coming in at $350, with various seasonal discounts available, The KING Tailgater is DISH Network’s most popular automatic antenna. You can set the KING Tailgater permanently on top of your RV or keep it mobile and use the portable mount to get access to live TV anytime, anywhere.

If you’re not currently a DISH Network subscriber, that’s ok! The KING Tailgater allows you to use Pay-As-You-Go-TV so you only pay for the months you use. The KING Tailgater is light, portable and easy to setup. It will automatically locate the appropriate DISH satellite to use based on your location and supports service in all 48 contiguous states. Take your tailgating game to the next level and pick one up today!

The Playmaker

For the avid traveler, or luxury-camper, the Winegard Playmaker Satellite Antenna is your best choice. At a mere $299, it’s cheaper than its competitors and is the smallest antenna on the market today. The DISH Playmaker utilizes DISH HD Solo Receiver technology and, like The KING Tailgater, allows you to use Pay-As-You-Go-TV so you don’t have to buy a DISH Network subscription if you don’t want to. Since this antenna only supports one receiver, and is 100% automatic, it is incredibly easy to setup. There’s no question about it, for the price and quality the Winegard Playmaker Satellite Antenna is the best choice for frequent travelers and campers alike.

The Pathway X2

If you own an RV or camper and are looking to get access to all your favorite channels wherever you are, the Winegard Pathway X2 Automatic Portable Satellite is for you! The Pathway is by far the most powerful of DISH’s mobile satellite antenna series, but costs the most too, retailing at $449. The Pathway has a more powerful antenna than any of DISH’s other mobile antennas, allowing it to function perfectly, even in inclement weather conditions. Like all of DISH’s mobile antennas, you don’t have to be a DISH Network subscriber to enjoy television service. With pay-as-you-go plans you only pay for the months you use. The Pathway is also able to run in “two receiver mode”, meaning it can process signals from two receivers at once. This will allow you to watch different channels, on different televisions simultaneously. The antenna even includes a handle and eyelet in the base so you can keep it safe and secure wherever you may be.

So now you know! DISH Network’s television services aren’t only for those with a building. You can take your favorite shows and movies with you wherever you go! As long as you have power and a screen, you’re good to go!  Whether you’re looking to tailgate, camp or explore the country in your RV, DISH is here to help. If you want premium television services wherever you may be, buy DISH Network today.



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