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How Fast Is Satellite Internet Compared To Cable?

While a wired connection, like cable will always be a little faster than a wireless connection. Cable download speeds tend to range from 20-100+ Mbps, with upload speeds of 1.5-5 Mbps. Conversely, satellite internet services are slower on average with download speeds ranging from 5-25 Mbps and upload speeds of 1-2 Mpbs. It is important to note that while cable can be faster, it is also not available in many rural areas. Satellite internet services are available pretty much anywhere in the United States where a home satellite dish can get a clear shot of the sky.

The trick to understanding the price differences between cable and satellite lies in understanding the differences in the way each kind of technology works. Cable is usually offered by a local television provider and utilizes physical cables in the ground that connect to a modem you have in a customer’s home. Satellite, as the name suggests, operates by sending data to and from satellites in space. An internet connection on Earth sends a signal to a satellite in orbit which then relays the data back to a personal satellite dish which all customers must have installed on their home.

The difference essentially comes down to location, if a potential customer lives in an area where cable is not available then satellite internet is a great option. If you they happen to live in a more urban area, it could be worth looking into a wired connection. However, a wired connection does not necessarily mean cable. DISH Network also offers wired DSL internet connections, with comparable speeds to cable, for those customers who want something a little faster. In that instance, it would behoove a customer to shop around and find the right bundle that is best for them.

The prices of both satellite and cable services vary drastically depending on what services a customer decides to bundle with the internet and what speed they are looking for. When shopping for a new internet service provider it’s always important to consider factors like price, speed and location. Whether you choose satellite or cable, there is a service out there that is perfect for you!




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