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Free HD For Life!

We know that choosing a television provider can be difficult. With so many providers, services, and packages it can be difficult to find the right fit. Luckily, we are here to help! DISH Network offers top-of-the-line service and so many different packages that you’re sure to find the one that’s right for you. Today, we’re going to focus on one specific service, that is included in most 24-month DISH Network television packages, that really sets DISH apart from the competition: free high-definition (HD) programming for life.

That was not a misprint; DISH Network offers FREE high-definition programming for life with a two-year commitment! As long as you have DISH Network as your provider, you will always have access to over 200 HD channels and a myriad of on-demand high-definition content. Yes, this includes sports channels like NFL Redzone and ESPN! With DISH, you’ll see the sweat drip down the faces of your favorite athletes and the tears fall from the eyes of your favorite actors.

Why is that such a good deal? Because high-definition programming is changing the way we consume visual content. HDTV is no longer the future of television, it’s the present. Most television providers charge a premium for HD content, because they believe HD programming is a premium service. DISH Network believes that HD content is a consumer right, not a privilege and that you should be able to enjoy your content as it was meant to be seen: in HD.

So what exactly does high-definition programming mean? We could dedicate an entire article to this (and we did, please find it HERE), but let’s review the basics. Our eyes are capable of seeing pictures much more detailed than the ones created by SD programming. HD content takes advantage of this gap and produces a picture much more detailed than anything we’ve seen on digital screens before. HD programming provides television content in a widescreen format, at a higher resolution and at a higher framerate than standard-definition (SD) content. This makes for a more engaging, immersive and enjoyable television experience. With resolutions going all the way up to 1080i, 60 frames per second, and virtually no static, ghosting, or dropped frame rates, experiencing a movie in HD is a completely different experience than watching that same movie in SD.

It’s important to remember that there are two required components to successfully enjoy HD content: An HD capable television and HD programming sent to that television. Simply buying an HDTV will not give you the HD experience you’re looking for. But if you purchase a new HDTV and a DISH Network package, you’ll enjoy free HD programming for life!

That’s an incredible deal, and not just because most competitors will charge you for the same services. HD programming will fundamentally change the way you watch and appreciate television. With over 200 HD channels available and on-demand HD content, you’ll never run out of fresh, vivid content with DISH. DISH even recently started offering a monthly rotation of HD-3D movies! DISH Network wants to change the way you watch television, and they’re already doing it with their HD service offerings. Revolutionize your TV experience, buy DISH Network today.


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