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How Do I Get DISH Network On My Phone?

DISH Network allows their customers to watch live TV, sporting events, weather, news, recorded TV and on-demand content on their computers and mobile devices with the DISH Anywhere app. DISH Anywhere is free of charge and available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

DISH Customers need only to download the DISH Anywhere app onto their mobile device, then log in using their DISH username and password to access all of their DISH content on the go. The content available on the app will directly reflect the content that user receives through DISH at home. So, if you pay for premium channels like HBO and Starz at home, you will be able to access that premium content through the DISH Anywhere app as well.

DISH customers will also be happy to know that they can also schedule their DISH DVR from the DISH Anywhere app as well. No more missing your favorite show because you forgot to program the DVR before leaving the house! DISH Anywhere also works as a standalone website on the computer if you want to access your content on a slightly larger screen than your phone.

While DISH Anywhere is available to all DISH customers for free, it truly reaches its full potential when paired with a Sling-enabled DVR. With the DVR you will be able to schedule and access your recordings no matter where you are!

In total DISH Anywhere features over 20,000 on-demand titles and even offers a variety of clips created specifically for the web, You can even utilize parental controls on the app to control what your kids watch if you set up an iPad for the kids to play with on their own.

DISH Anywhere turns your phone into a mobile movie theater, making any trip more enjoyable. Since it’s free for all DISH customers downloading this app is really a no brainer.

    How to Watch DISH Network On Your Phone.

  1. Visit iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and search for DISH Anywhere1
  2. Download the DISH Anywhere app onto your mobile device2
  3. Log in using your DISH Network username and password.3
  4. Watch all of your favorite DISH channels anywhere you go on your mobile device. 4



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