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Hulu To Allow Downloadable Content

Hulu is following in the footsteps of Amazon and Netflix by announcing that they too will soon be allowing their users to download some of their content. While rumors of Hulu allowing downloadable content have been circling for quite sometime, Hulu CEO, Mike Hopkins recently released further details.

In an interview with Adweek Hopkins said, “It’s something that we’re going to be doing in a few months. We’re working hard on the technology around that and getting the rights squared away”.

Amazon announced downloadable content in July of 2016 and Netflix followed suit in November of the same year. This announcement by Hulu only makes sense as these SVOD giants battle to stay competitive and relevant. Hopkins did not mention which studios and networks had agreed to be a part of this new feature, but we can expect more details to emerge as the feature moves closer to its public launch.
SVOD services, like Hulu, are realizing that their customers are not only consuming content from the living room television these days. In an increasingly connected world, with so many screens, an increasing number of users are consuming video content on the go. With mobile data costs being a major concern for many consumers, having the ability to download content while in wifi range is a huge help.

While the ability to download content is not a feature that is available for Hulu customers yet, it is something that the company says will be available shortly. Securing the proper licenses takes time, and history has shown that consumers and critics are harsh on unprepared feature launches. The SVOD space remains brutally competitive between Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO Now and Hulu and these new features working as advertised is imperative for Hulu to continue growing their subscriber base.

Hulu is also getting ready to launch their live-television streaming service which will cost $40 a month and include Hulu’s basic subscription program. Both the live-television and downloadable content features will be coming alongside a brand new, personalization-centric user interface for Hulu users. All of these changes will be a huge boon for Hulu’s service if they work as advertised.



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