The Importance of Local Programming

With so many different companies in the television game today, choosing a television provider can be a difficult process. Not only do you need to decide on a provider, you need to pick a channel package as well. You don’t want to pay for channels you don’t need, but you always want to have access to premium programming! There are a lot of factors to consider. Thankfully, DISH Network makes your choice easy. DISH not only offers some of the best service, value, and technology in the industry, but they also set themselves apart by not charging fees for services that most of their competitors do. The most notable of these is, of course, local channel programming.

Local channel access is a service that most people take for granted these days. A few years ago, local programs were channels that every television had access to. With digital television, the proximity of the signal matters less, making local channels a service that doesn’t come standard with most TV provider packages–but with most DISH Network packages, it does.

DISH offers free local channel programming with most 24-month contracts. In fact, many of those local channels are often offered in high-definition, which DISH doesn’t make you pay an upgrade free for. If your friend makes it on the news, you’ll be able to see them in crystalline HD quality.

With local channel access there will be no more uninformed midterm voting for you! You’ll be up-to-date on local news, events and, politics with access to your local NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX local affiliates (local channel availability varies by customer address). You’ll finally be able to watch morning shows over your morning cup of coffee!

Don’t forget that local programming also means no more looking for terrible streams of the big game. With local programming the Super Bowl party will be at your house with access to all the major sporting events: the Super Bowl, the World Series, the US Open (Golf), the US Open (Tennis), and the NBA Championships!

Cable companies will charge up to $10 a month for local channel programming, and DISH provides access for no charge at all with most two-year contracts. Still on the fence? Follow this link and put in your zipcode to see exactly which channels local programming would give you access to:

By now the evidence should be pretty clear: buy DISH Network and enjoy the local channels that you love for no extra cost! Trust us, whether it’s Super Bowl Sunday or the local weather over coffee, you’ll be happy you have local channel access. Get it with DISH Network.