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Is There Satellite Internet?

Yes! Satellite internet does exist, though it has a relatively small market of providers. DISH Network is the most well known of the satellite internet providers and also offers satellite television services, which can be easily bundled with internet services as well. Satellite internet is a fairly recent invention and only in the last few years has it become a reasonable alternative to a wired cable internet connection.

Communications satellites didn’t really hit the mainstream until they were able to maintain geosynchronous orbits—meaning they stay above the same location on Earth, rotating with the planet. This allows a constant stream of data to be transmitted to the same spot which allows for (you guessed it) satellite internet! The first satellite internet capable satellite went into orbit in 1983.

Since that first satellite, the technology behind satellite internet has come a long way. In fact, it has gone so far that satellite internet is now a major competitor to cable internet providers. While cable can provider a higher top-speed at their top tiers of service, the low to mid tiers offer the same internet speeds that satellite internet can provide—somewhere between 10-40 Mbps.

The biggest factor to consider when choosing satellite internet is the location in which you live. While cable does offer faster speeds, if you can afford them, cable isn’t available everywhere—this is especially true in the United States. If you live in more rural areas, where cable might not be available, then satellite internet is the choice for you! As long as your personal satellite dish as a clear shot of sky, you can get satellite internet service in the US.

Due to the high cost of actually owning a satellite in space, there are very few companies that actually provide satellite internet. At the moment there are two: ViaSat and EchoStar. Any company offering satellite internet services in the United States has a deal with one of those two companies.



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