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How Many Shows Can You Record At One Time With The Hopper?

DISH Network’s acclaimed Hopper 3 DVR sports 16 individual tuners and can be connected to up to six different Joey receivers around the house. This means that your Hopper can be receiving information from up to seven different televisions simultaneously. If you have the full set up in your home, your Hopper 3 DVR can record up to 16 different shows at one time!

The Hopper 3 is the most powerful DVR on the market and hosts myriad of amazing features. The most exciting features include a remote finder which is activated via a button the Hopper. Once you click that button your remote starts loudly beeping, making sure you never lose your remote again!

The Hopper 3 also includes voice commands, much like the Comcast X1 remote. Simply talk into the remote and your Hopper will search Netflix, live TV, on-demand and your recordings. Not only that, but the Hopper features an AutoHop feature that automatically skips past commercials on certain mainstream channels. You’ll never want to watch TV the normal way again!

Sports fan? The Hopper 3 makes sure you’ll never miss a game again with Sports Bar Mode.  The feature divides your screen into quadrants, with each displaying a different live TV program. This allows users to recreate a sports bar feel by having multiple live games on the same screen simultaneously. Since the Hopper 3 is equipped with 16 different tuners, there are a variety of options available using this feature. The quadrant setting allows you to watch the most programs simultaneously but if there are only two games on, you can easily set them to divide the screen in half. Just checking the score? Throw that game into a small windowed section in the upper-right corner of your screen.

The most exciting feature is also the simplest one—storage space. The Hopper 3 offers a truly startling amount of storage with 2,000 hours of space; double that of their nearest competitor.

It’s also important to note that the Hopper 3 supports 4K content, even on Netflix! If you’ve been looking for a way to better utilize your 4K screen, the Hopper 3 is here to help. Whether you want to be able to watch multiple games at once, or are sick of fighting over which show to watch, the Hopper 3 should be a no brainer.



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