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How Many Shows Can You Record At One Time With The Hopper?

The Hopper 3 more than doubles the number of tuners the previous version had, with a total of 16 individual tuners included in the box. This means that you can record up to 16 different shows simultaneously with the Hopper 3. If you utilize the multi-screen view, you can watch four of those shows in HD simultaneously on the same screen. If you want to watch more than four shows at one time, or watch content on a TV not connected to your Hopper, you will need additional Joey receivers.

While most television companies require you to have a separate DVR box for every screen you want to watch content on, DISH makes it easy with the addition of their Joey receivers. The Joey receivers act as an extension of your Hopper 3 system. While some Joey receivers require a wired connection to the Hopper system, there are wireless Joey’s available if you are trying to connect your DVR to a screen across your home. Any screen with a Joey attached will have the full power of the Hopper 3 at its disposal.

The Hopper 3 is able to sync and support three Joeys at once. This gives you the full DVR power of the Hopper in four separate rooms in your home, making fighting over which show to watch an antiquated ordeal.

DISH points out on their website that “…both the Hopper and the Joey have been named Editors’ Choice selections by PC magazine. Their seamless integration, easy-to-use interface and low cost of ownership make them the perfect complement to each other.”

If you live in a home where multiple people want to watch TV simultaneously, or if you just like a lot of shows and want to be able to record and watch them on your own time, the full home DVR setup from DISH Network is the way to go. The ability to record 16 different shows simultaneously makes DISH Network’s Hopper 3 the unequivocal best choice for a home DVR system.



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