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How Do You Search For Shows On DISH?

Simply press the home button two times, select “search” and enter the title or keyword to find a program! These instructions differ slightly depending on which remote you are using to control your television. You can find detailed instructions on how to search for shows on DISH for each remote below.

Remote 40.0

The remote 40.0 may be the easiest of all the DISH remotes to search with, because it has its own search button! To search for a program simply click the “search” button then type in the name or keyword of the program you are looking for using the on-screen keyboard. You can then hit the red button on your remote to add Netflix and Spanish items into your search. Then simply select the program you desire to watch/record from the list of results that appear on your television.

Remote 50.0

To search with the 50.0 remote hit the “home” button located in the top-left of your remote twice. This will bring up a list of options that includes “search”; select the search item. This will prompt an on-screen keyboard to appear which you can use to type in a name or keyword to find the program you are looking for! Don’t forget to click the “option” button before you search if you want to include Netflix and/or Spanish titles. All you have to do now is arrow over to the result you want and select watch or record!

Remote 52.0

The 52.0 remote works in a very similar fashion to that of the 40.0 remote in that it has a dedicated search button on the remote itself. Click the button that looks like a magnifying glass to open the search menu. A keyboard will then appear on your television which you can use to spell a name or keyword for a program you are looking for. Then click the “options” button to allow your search to include Spanish and Netflix titles if you like. A list of search results will appear on screen which you can then navigate using the arrow keys on your remote.

Searching for specific shows is a breeze with DISH Network, no matter what remote you have! This feature is particularly handy if you are setting up your DVR to record your favorite programs throughout the day.



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