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Sling TV Launches Live Programmatic Advertising Service

The digital and advertising worlds continue to collide as Sling TV partners with Adobe’s newly created Advertising Cloud to deliver a programmatic TV offering that allows advertisers to bid in real time on livestreaming and video-on-demand content.

Essentially, this means that advertisers will be able to bid on Sling TV’s slice of ad inventory through a private marketplace. Advertisers will be able to use cross-channel targeting and utilize data like demographics, network and genre to target their ads.

Of course, DISH Network, the owner of the OTT service Sling TV, is selling advertising through other methods as well. However, this programmatic offering allows advertisers the flexibility to bid and deliver on ads in real time—it really is a game changer.

This new advertising system even allows advertisers to target the same ads on different devices at different times. This means, for example, that an advertiser could serve a mobile ad in the morning, when most people are commuting to work, and then serve the same ad in the evening on the television. This allows advertisers to better saturate potential customers and ensure that more of their target audience is actually seeing their advertisements.

The service seems to be in demand according to comments made by Adam Lowy, a general manager for TV and digital media at DISH Media Sales. “You have the TV side and the digital side. And this is a great product to bring them both together,” said Lowy. We’re now working on bigger and better deals with our clients and getting it more intertwined in the product, demand has been extremely high.”

If this service works as planned, it will have a serious impact in the television advertising community. Programmatic programming could allow Sling to better compete with other platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. The big draw for advertisers in that case would be Sling’s ability to offer fullscreen viewing of the ads, whereas social advertisements are usually consumed on mobile devices. It’s an interesting move and both Adobe and Sling stand to benefit if this service takes off. Time will tell.



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