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Sling TV Opens Up Paid Access To Cloud DVR

DISH Network has been testing a Cloud DVR service for their Sling TV users since November 2016. This initial round of testing was done through a closed beta of Sling users who accessed the service through a Roku product. Those DISH customers who don’t use Roku products can finally rejoice as DISH invites them to experience their new Cloud DVR service through a “First Look” program. The catch? You have to pay (but not much) and you will need an Amazon device. Sling TV customers can pay an additional $5 a month to gain access to the First Look program.

The Sling Cloud DVR service, acts like a regular DVR service but instead of worrying about filling up a physical hard drive, all of your content will be stored in the cloud. The First Look program will give users access to 50gb of cloud service for $5 a month, with no expiration date on any of their content. When capacity is reached the oldest watched recordings are automatically removed.

While this First Look program is exciting, the best feature of this new Cloud DVR won’t be available until the service launches. Expanded tiers will allow users to pay slightly more a month for unlimited cloud storage. That means that expanded tier users will be able to record as much content as they like, and always have it available to them via the cloud.

Unlike more traditional DVRs, the DISH Cloud DVR service allows users to record multiple programs at the same time. However, this feature may not be available for all channels as permissions change depending on the current negotiated contract between DISH and other broadcasters.

Cloud DVR access isn’t the only benefit that comes with First Look membership. DISH has made it clear that First Look members will consistently gain early access to new features, including the ability to set recordings from a mobile device and the ability to create folders within your DVR to organize your content.

If you have been waiting for a chance to try out the new Cloud DVR with Sling TV, now is the time! For $5 a month, you really have nothing to lose. The service is expected to have its official full launch sometime in 2017.



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