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SlingTV Rolls Out A Better DVR

The live-TV streaming market continues to heat up as major players like SlingTV and DirecTV Now work to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. SlingTV recently announced a major overhaul to their Cloud DVR service, adding the ability to record content on more devices and channels. The new feature is currently available to SlingTV subscribers who are part of the company’s “First Look’ program and currently subscribe to 50 or more hours of DVR Cloud storage.

Those customers who do have access to the new features will find that they can now record shows on several more Fox channels, including local Fox broadcast feeds, FS1, Nat Geo and FX. However, if a customer tries to record a Fox title that is also available on Fox’s On Demand service, they will automatically be redirected to the Fox VOD screen.

SlingTV has also added a “Protect” feature, which lets subscribers save recorded content for as long as they are a subscriber. Sling has also added the ability to organize your DVR content in folders and has added a “Record from Franchise” option which lets users record an entire series.

Some channels, like Disney, ABC and ESPN do not allow Sling user’s to record their content. Though Sling has said that they are working on reach an agreement with those companies.

SlingTV currently supports Xbox One, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku and Android powered devices. The company has made it clear that they are actively working on expanding Cloud DVR support for Windows 10, the AirTV Player and iOS.

The DVR market is crowded, with SlingTV offering 50 hours of recording space, for $5 a month. By comparison, Hulu offers 50 hours with their base package, but also has an option for an upgraded 200 hours of recording space. Playstation Vue and YouTube TV both offer unlimited storage options, however only the Sling offers recordings that never expire.

If you are in the market for a new Cloud DVR system, the new updates made by SlingTV make it a competitive alternative to other services like DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, Hulu and Playstation Vue!



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