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Smart Phone Repair from DISH

Most people know DISH Network as the satellite television service company, which is true. With competitive pricing, new technology and the best service in the industry, DISH Network is the obvious choice if you’re searching for a new television provider. However, providing exemplary TV service is not the only thing DISH has been doing lately. They also recently launched Smart Phone Repair from DISH. This service will save you from any accidents your phone might be subjected to. We’ll break down the specifics, but Smart Phone Repair from DISH is certainly a number to keep in your contact list.


DISH has made a concerted effort to make their prices competitive in the screen repair industry. Depending on the model iPhone you have, and the severity of the damage, your repair can cost as little as $63.99! The repairs can get up to around $166.99 for the newer iPhones, but that’s still a very competitive market price. DISH’s smart phone repair service not only repairs broken screens, but can also fix faulty batteries. There’s no reason for you to be charging your phone three times a day–DISH can fix that!


The best part of Smart Phone Repair from DISH is that you don’t have to drive to your nearest DISH Network store; the repair technicians will come to you! That doesn’t just mean your home address. If you’re traveling for work and need emergency repairs, DISH will come help you. Stuck at a coffee shop with no way to call a cab? Smart Phone Repair from DISH will be there! DISH needs a two-hour repair window, but can usually be there within 24 hours–sometimes you’ll even get same-day repairs!

Smart Phone Repair from DISH will also allow you to track the location of your technician in real time. Your time is valuable and DISH Network has taken the extra effort to ensure you’re not stuck waiting around for a late technician. DISH also knows that cybersecurity is important and promises to keep your phone’s privacy and security safe during the repair process. You get top of the line repair, with top of the line service.

While not having to travel anywhere to get your phone fixed is fantastic, the best part of this repair service is the warranty. DISH provides a 60 day repair warranty, so if it breaks again a DISH technician will be back to fix it at no extra cost. Not only that, but if an irreparable repair occurs while a technician is trying to fix the problem, DISH will cover the entire cost of the phone. Now you may be thinking, I really did it this time, this phone is beyond repair. Let the DISH technician be the judge of that! If they can’t fix your phone, there is no charge for the service. You’re guaranteed to have a working phone if Smart Phone Repair from DISH is on the case.

Coming Soon

Unfortunately, DISH’s smart phone repair service is only available for certain models of Apple’s iPhones. However, plans are well on their way to offer these services to Samsung and tablet customers as well. That’s right, even if you break the screen on your new iPad Pro, DISH will be there to fix it. You’ll never have to worry about breaking a screen or battery again!



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