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Comcast’s 2017 Watchathon Breaks Records

Comcast has been hosting an annual “Watchathon” event since 2013, in an effort to drive up interest in their Xfinity TV services. The Watchathon is always timed to occur a few weeks before the premier of major TV series to convince more viewers to tune in. The popularity of binge-watching has helped the Watchathon event […]

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Xfinity Instant TV Eyes Q3 Launch

Those of you who have been paying attention to the television content space will remember a Comcast service called Stream that launched in select cities in 2015. Apparently, the city tests have gone well because Comcast plans to relaunch the streaming service, under a new name, and make it available anywhere that Comcast is available […]

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The Comcast Xfinity Watchathon Expands To Netflix

Comcast is holding its fifth annual Watchathon week from April 3rd through April 9th! Every year Comcast hosts, what they call, the Xfinity Watchathon—a free video-on-demand (VOD) binge fest. This year, for the first time, Netflix will be included in the all-access promo. The Watchathon is a promotion designed to convince current Xfinity customers to […]

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Comcast Now Offers Prepaid Internet Services

In the crowded internet service provider space, companies are getting creative in an attempt to stand out. Comcast recently introduced prepaid internet services, and plans to offer prepaid video services by the end of 2017. The new service, called Xfinity Prepaid Internet, was initially tested in select markets like Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, Florida and Indiana […]

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Comcast Told Not to Claim That It Provides America’s Fastest Internet:

The broadcasting provider space is a competitive one in 2017, and Comcast has been working to differentiate itself from the pack by claiming it has “America’s fastest internet” in many of its advertising materials. As it turns out, that’s not true. Comcast supported its fastest internet claim via data provided by Ookla speed tests, which […]

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DISH Network Compared to Comcast Xfinity

Cable or satellite? An inescapable question when moving to a new house in . Choosing your television provider is an important decision and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Cable vs. satellite really means DISH vs. Comcast Xfinity, but the truth is that DISH provides superior service with more channels for a better value. Value The […]

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