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DirecTV Now Is Meeting Expectations

Those who follow the content provider space will remember the rocky start that met DirecTV Now after its initial public launch. While AT&T first dismissed the troubling claims as a minor inconvenience, they have now admitted that the company was not prepared to deal with the rapid growth of the streaming service. At the Jefferies […]

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DirecTV Now Drops Safari And Internet Explorer Support

DirecTV Now (AT&T’s OTT service) has confirmed reports that the service will be ditching support for Safari and Internet Explorer in favor of exclusively relying on Google’s Chrome browser. This is a stark change from DirecTV Now’s previous stance which supported Safari and Internet Explorer since its launch. The news was first reported by AppleInsider, […]

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DirecTV Offers Free Roku In Effort To Boost Subscribers

AT&T has offered free Apple TV’s, a year of HBO and discounted prices during its efforts to boost subscriber growth since its initial launch. If none of these offers have been enticing enough to get you to switch to the telecom giants OTT service, don’t fret, AT&T is not done trying. Its latest effort, AT&T […]

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AT&T Paid $1.6 Billion For The Future Of Wireless

The battle for control of the telecommunications space is fierce between major players like Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. It seems as though as soon as one company makes an announcement, the other companies quickly follow suit announcing similar features of their own. While this is an effective strategy for things like pricing and unlimited […]

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DirecTV Offers HBO In An Attempt To Retain Customers

AT&T found great success with DirecTV Now during its initial launch, with close to 200,000 customers subscribing within the first four weeks of the service. However, that hype quickly died off as the service was plagued with complaints of poor customer service. Since then, AT&T has been careful to avoid providing more recent numerical updates […]

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YouTube To Enter MVPD Market

YouTube is looking to expand its services, and hopefully its revenue stream, with the launch of YouTube TV sometime in 2017. YouTube TV will be a virtual multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) that will feature 40 cable channels when it first launches. YouTube has made it clear that this will be a contract free service […]

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AT&T Claims Massive Fourth Quarter Growth For DirecTV Now

AT&T has seen the writing on the wall of the OTT market and put its anchor down with the launch of DirecTV Now in 2016. While the idea behind the service is sound: a streaming OTT service that offers live television and premium content at an affordable rate. The service itself has been plagued by […]

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FCC Says DirecTV Now’s Data Plan Violates Net Neutrality Laws

DirecTV Now remains in the media spotlight, but not for the reasons AT&T had hoped. The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Wireless Bureau released a new report in early 2017 that found AT&T’s DirecTV Now unlimited data plan violates the Open Internet order’s general conduct standard. This is bad news for DirecTV Now and sets a […]

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AT&T Addresses DirecTV Now Complaints

DirecTV Now is supposed to be AT&T’s streaming alternative to satellite or cable services, but an array of technical issues besetting the service are making it a more difficult choice for consumers. DirecTV Now offers various channel packages, internet streaming and doesn’t consume data for AT&T users; which you would think makes the service a […]

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DirecTV Now and the FCC

DirecTV Now has been making headlines since its launch; most recently due to their higher than projected initial subscriber numbers. However, is DirecTV Now here to stay? One of the driving factors behind DirecTV Now’s success is the ability given to subscribers to watch their content on any of their mobile devices. While that is […]

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