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DISH Brings Music To Their Hopper DVR

DISH Network continues to innovate and provide value at no additional cost to their service subscribers. If you’ve been waiting to make the switch to DISH, now is the time. CES 2017 has been an exciting time for DISH. They announced their new AirTV product, Alexa integration with Hopper and DISH Music! Today, we’re going […]

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DISH Network’s Hopper Introduces Amazon Alexa Connectivity

CES 2017 has revealed an array of impressive new technology that will soon be making its way into the hands of tech-hungry consumers. A lot of this technology is devoted to bringing consumers homes into the 21st century to create the ultimate smart-home. DISH Network is helping create the modern smart-home through their new DISH […]

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A Comparison Between the Hopper 3 DVR and the HD-DuoDVR

DVR services have become an integral component for any television package, but despite what you may think, all DVR hardware is not created equal. If you’ve been a DISH Network customer for a while, you’ve likely used the HD-DuoDVR, a beautiful piece of equipment for its time, but its time has passed. 2016 is the […]

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