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Appeals Court Will Not Reconsider Net Neutrality Ruling

As many who follow the internet service provider space already know, the DC Court of Appeals upheld the Obama-era net neutrality laws when they first heard the case last year. Unfortunately, not every judge on the court was present for that decision which allowed opponents of net neutrality to petition the court for another hearing […]

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FCC Says DirecTV Now’s Data Plan Violates Net Neutrality Laws

DirecTV Now remains in the media spotlight, but not for the reasons AT&T had hoped. The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Wireless Bureau released a new report in early 2017 that found AT&T’s DirecTV Now unlimited data plan violates the Open Internet order’s general conduct standard. This is bad news for DirecTV Now and sets a […]

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Canada Brings Broadband Services To The Masses

Canada seems to have left its role as the United States’ younger sibling behind over the past few years, as they have taken on a tradition of leading and not following under their beloved prime minister, Justin Trudeau. While most people tend to think of free healthcare and a remarkably progressive social agenda as the […]

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