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HBO Makes It Easier To Binge On The Go

There is a very strong argument to made that HBO is the current king of premier television content. Which would naturally make one think that HBO has been putting a lot of resources behind making marathon, or “binge”, viewing habits a priority. Surprisingly, that has not been the case—until now. HBO recently released an update […]

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AT&T Customers Get Free HBO

The competition for smartphone users business continues to heat up as AT&T brainstorms new ways to stay ahead of their competition. The latest move—free HBO. Earlier this month AT&T announced that any customers who are a part of their Unlimited Plus service will also have free access to HBO. The telecom space has, perhaps, never […]

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DirecTV Offers HBO In An Attempt To Retain Customers

AT&T found great success with DirecTV Now during its initial launch, with close to 200,000 customers subscribing within the first four weeks of the service. However, that hype quickly died off as the service was plagued with complaints of poor customer service. Since then, AT&T has been careful to avoid providing more recent numerical updates […]

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