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New CBS Deal Makes Local TV A Streaming Success

While the continuing decline of traditional pay-TV services like cable and satellite continue to affect the bottom line of major players, like Comcast Cable and DISH Network, it is also having a lasting effect on something a little closer to the hearts of many viewers—local stations. CBS continues to fight against this in their latest […]

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Roku Announces Impressive 2016 Numbers

OTT boxes are quickly becoming the new standard for the way Americans consume their television content. The popularity of Roku has been no secret, most people know someone who owns, and loves, their Roku player. The popularity and success of Roku is anecdotal no more as Roku recently announced record numbers. In December of 2016 […]

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DISH Network CEO Discusses The Rise Of Streaming Video

Major cable and satellite providers tend to stick to the traditional party line that over-the-top (OTT) services, like DirecTV Now and Sling TV, are being designed to supplement traditional television devices, not replace them. While that may have been the initial intention, the market has shown that consumers are starting to prefer OTT services over […]

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The Key To A Successful Television Subscription Company? Customer Service.

Customer service and cable television have rarely been used together to form a positive sentence. However, a new study shows that customer service just might be the key to a successful television subscription company. Conversely, poor customer service seems to have a negative effect on subscriber retention rates. A new survey by Paywizard found that […]

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Epix Offers New App For TiVo-Powered Set-Tops

Epix and Atlanta Broadband have teamed together to offer a new OTT bridge to MVPD-distributed set tops. Epix will not offer it’s premium app services on TiVo-powered devices from Atlantic Broadband. The app integration will give Atlantic Broadband customers with a Epix subscription access to over 2,000 movies and original series like Berlin Station and […]

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AirTV Customers Upset After Product Ships Without OTA Integration

DISH Network had a lot of exciting announcements at CES 2017, from improved Hopper features to a new piece of flagship hardware: the AirTV. The AirTV was DISH’s major hit at CES and had many consumers eager to get their hands on one. It was pitched as a new set-top-box with Sling TV and an […]

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