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How Does A DISH TV Work?

DISH TV provides television content through satellite services. A satellite dish is installed on your home and acts as a special antenna that focuses on a specific broadcast source—in this case, a satellite in space. A satellite dish is a parabolic surface combined with a central feed horn. The controller transmits a signal through the […]

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The Millennial Male Legacy? Cord Cutting

A new survey published in February 2017 by Videology found unexpected results about paid-television services and the demographics that support them. As it turns out, millennial men are cutting the cord and leaving traditional television services behind in record numbers. According to the report, just one-third of millennial men expect to pay for cable television […]

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The Key To A Successful Television Subscription Company? Customer Service.

Customer service and cable television have rarely been used together to form a positive sentence. However, a new study shows that customer service just might be the key to a successful television subscription company. Conversely, poor customer service seems to have a negative effect on subscriber retention rates. A new survey by Paywizard found that […]

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