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YouTube Brings 360 Video To The Living Room

If you find yourself frustrated trying to watch YouTube videos on your cell phone’s tiny screen, you are not alone. Do you love YouTube’s 360-degree videos? So do we! Which is why the news coming out of Google’s I/O 2017 Developers conference is so exciting—YouTube 360-degree videos are coming to television screens in living rooms […]

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Teens Are Hungry For Mobile Video Content

While the older generation often scoffs at watching video content on a mobile device, the younger generation has a different opinion. A new “Think with Google” survey conducted by Ipsos found that roughly seven in ten teen smartphone users spend three or more hours a day watching video content on their phones. With so many […]

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YouTube TV Breaks From Industry Standards By Forcing Many Users To Watch Ads

YouTube TV is an alluring choice for consumers with its unlimited cloud-based DVR and low starting price of $35 a month. Unfortunately, as is often the case, there is another kind of cost for this low price service—your time. YouTube TV subscribers are going to be forced to watch commercials on shows you record on […]

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Google Revamps Policy Surround Ads and Offensive Content Following YouTube Scandal

The Times of London opened a can of issues for YouTube after they published a story detailing several instances where advertisements from the UK Government, and some prominent businesses, were appearing alongside extremist YouTube videos. Unfortunately, many of those extremist videos contained vile anti-semitic and homophobic messaging. In response, many major companies, from supermarkets to […]

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YouTube Users Consume A Billion Hours of Video A Day

As the digital battle for online viewers rages on, YouTube emerges at the top of the pack with their milestone announcement of reaching a billion (yes with a b) hours of content viewed a day. A billion hours of content watched every day is unheard of for online viewing, in fact, with numbers like that, […]

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