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Teens Are Hungry For Mobile Video Content

While the older generation often scoffs at watching video content on a mobile device, the younger generation has a different opinion. A new “Think with Google” survey conducted by Ipsos found that roughly seven in ten teen smartphone users spend three or more hours a day watching video content on their phones.

With so many mobile video options like Hulu, Netflix, Facebook and YouTube out there, it’s not surprising that video content is being consumed every day on smartphones. What is surprising is that seven in ten is a higher respondent rate than any other activity mentioned—including social networking.

In total 51% of teens said that they spend three or more hours a day watching video content and 52% said the same about messaging apps, according to eMarketer. The same survey found that only four in ten teens spend a similar amount of time playing games on their phones.

It is important to note that smartphone use in general is high among teens, which naturally boosts mobile video viewing. A report by Common Sense Media found that close to eight in ten respondents between the ages of 13 and 18 own a smartphone. Even when you consider that the sheer amount of time teens are spending watching mobile content on their phones was unexpected–unless you’re a parent.

Data from Piper Jaffray breaks down the different channels that teens primarily use to consumer their video content. Netflix comes out on top, of course, with 37% of teens’ daily viewing time. Cable TV accounts for 25% of their time and YouTube takes a slight edge with 26% of teens spending their time there.

Who cares? Marketers care. While the general public is likely unsurprised that teens are spending hours a day on their phones, the fact that they are spending hours on video content specifically is valuable information for marketers trying to reach a teenage audience.



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