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Verizon Testing Advances TV Features For Fios

Broadcasting continues to evolve at a rapid rate as technology continues to improve. The television of the future will bare as much resemblance to TV in 2017 as today’s television does to the days of black and white. Verizon is hoping to be on the front of that new wave. The broadcasting giant has officially confirmed the rumor that they are testing “new advanced TV features” for Fios with a select focus group made up of employees and customers. What exactly are those new features? The company has yet to comment, though we can expect more information after this first closed beta concludes.

FierceCable spoke with Verizon spokesman Raymond McConville, who commented on the news saying ““Yes, we are currently testing new advanced TV features with a select group of employees and customers,” Verizon spokesman Raymond McConville said to FierceCable. “We don’t have any additional information to share right now.”

The invitation email that Verizon sent out asked customers to fill out a survey for the chance to participate in the closed test of these new features. Those who are selected will receive the new video system ahead of its official launch, which is expected to happen during the summer of 2018. Participants will also be given a free year of voice, broadband and TV service for joining the trial.

While details of the changes are still scant, Verizon has said that new service will allow them to introduce new features to their customers more quickly and stream content more easily to other connected devices in a home. The overhaul will also combine the optical network terminal and standard router that Fios users currently have to have, into one device. Broadcasting News reports that the Verizon Fios user interface is expected to get a major overhaul as well.

This update comes at a time where Verizon is desperately trying to revitalize their Fios services after reporting a disappointing first quarter drop of 13,000 subscribers.



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