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What Is Better DISH Or DirecTV?

DISH Network offers more features than DirecTV for a lower monthly price. Let’s break down the numbers.

The DISH America’s Top 120 package is very similar to that of DirecTV’s Choice package. However, the Top 120 service is just $49.99 a month for two years (guaranteed!), while the Choice package is $60/mo. for 12 months (Months 13-24 are $115/mo.). On top of greater savings, DISH’s America’s Top 120 package also includes more channels! This trend of DISH packages offering more channels for less money continues throughout each tier of package offerings.

The next step up for both services would be the America’s Top 200 from DISH and the Xtra package from DirecTV. While the first year price is similar ($69.99/mo. for DISH and $70/mo. for DirecTV), the real value comes in year two when you’ll pay $69.99/mo. for DISH’s American’s Top 200 and $ for DirecTV’s Xtra package.

If you’re looking for even more channels, both providers have options. However, DISH Network again offers more channels for a lower price. At this level, potential customers would be choosing between either DISH’s America’s Top 250 or DirecTV’s Ultimate package. Despite its name, the Ultimate package only includes 245 channels for $75/mo. for months 1-12 and $134/mo. months 13-24. While DISH is $5 more for months 1-12, you’ll get 45 additional channels and when you roll around to month 13, you’re still paying just $79.99/mo. – what a value!

No matter what channel package you decide to go with, DISH Network offers the very best value. If you are looking for a new TV content provider and have to make a choice between DirecTV and DISH Network, you have to choose DISH every time.



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