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What is dishNET Wireline?

Many people have heard of dishNET Wireline, but most are not sure exactly what it is. dishNET Wireline is a high-speed DSL service offered by DISH Network through its strategic partnership with CenturyLink.

This service was designed to help customers who want an internet connection that’s faster than a standard satellite internet connection, but live outside the service areas of a traditional cable provider. Enter dishNET Wireline. Wireline is a DSL based internet that offers faster download speeds than a normal satellite internet connection, and a larger data cap of 250 gigabytes. This speed is more than enough to support certain kinds of online games and video streaming.

Unfortunately, dishNET Wireline is only available in select states. However, it is targeting areas where traditional cable services are not available. So, if you happen to find yourself in one of those spots in the U.S. odds are Wireline is an option for you.

The other advantage of dishNET Wireline over more traditional services is that it’s made to be bundled with a DSL-based phone service as well. Bundling allows you to save a serious amount of money on both your internet, your phone services. Remember, DISH also offers bundles with their television services. If you go for a triple-play bundle you’ll be saving yourself the most money.

If you are deciding whether you want dishNET, satellite internet or cable it’s important to understand the technology behind each type of service, and what that means for your internet speeds.


Cable works by utilizing underground cable lines. If you choose cable service a technician will show up and outfit your home with a cable modem, which then connects to the underground lines that run all the way back to your provider. The digital signals sent via these cables are what give you internet access! This hard-line connection makes for fast speeds, but does limit location options, and if anything happens to the actual wire, repairs will have to be made before service can be resumed.

As the name suggests, satellite works via a satellite signal. DISH Network’s satellite internet offerings operate by sending and receiving signals from space satellites orbiting the Earth! Recent innovations have made this service even more reliable thanks to discovery of geostationary orbit. A satellite in geostationary orbit is orbiting the Earth at the same speed the Earth is rotating. This allows one satellite to provide constant coverage to the same geographical location, ensuring no breaks in internet service!

DSL works by utilizing telephone lines for high-speed internet connections. This allows people who live in more rural locations that don’t have cable internet infrastructure to have access to higher-speed internet


While satellite internet speeds of the past may have been slow, DISH Network’s current internet offerings offer blazing fast speeds of up to 40 Mbps! You’ll be able to download a movie, play games and stream your favorite song without any drops in service.

While cable internet services do offer a range of broadband speed options, your broadband speeds will vary greatly depending on your distance from the provider. The further you are from your provider, the slower your service will be.

DSL Internet services are slightly faster than satellite internet, but not as fast as cable. The real draw of a DSL internet service like dishNET Wireline is the availability of services where you live. DSL is capable of offering fast internet speeds to people who live in more rural areas that may not have cable or high-speed satellite capability.

If you are looking for a new type of internet service, consider dishNET Wireline! As always, make sure to do your research before you sign a contract. If you can, try to bundle your services together to save even more money!

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