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Who Provides Internet Service For DISH Network?

DISH Network runs their satellite internet services through a partnership with a company called HughesNet. However, DISH offers multiple kinds of internet service, not just satellite. So, if you are more interested in a DSL connection, or perhaps you live in a rural area where a satellite connection just isn’t an option, you can get a wired DSL connection through a DISH Network subsidiary called dishNet.

While HughesNet and dishNet are the two primary sources of internet connectivity from DISH Network, there are different options depending on where you live. For example, many users in the Colorado area receive their DISH Network internet connection via CenturyLink. DISH works closely with many local providers across the country including CenturyLink, AT&T, EarthLink and more. If you are interested in using a local provider through DISH Network, just give your local DISH office a call and they can fill you in on the information for your specific region.

Now, you may be wondering what makes one internet provider better than the next. There are several factors that should be considered when deciding which provider you want to utilize through DISH Network.

Firstly, what are you planning to use your internet for? If you are a gamer you may want to consider a wired DSL connection, because you will need a much higher download speed than the average user. However, if you live in an area with a clear shot of the sky, and it’s an area within DISH Network’s service purview, satellite internet via HughesNet may be the right choice!

While satellite internet was slow when it first came out, technological innovations have closed the gap between cable and satellite making it a viable alternative to cable. In fact, satellite internet today is equivalent to 4G speeds; that’s three times faster than DSL.

Whether you want satellite internet via HughesNet or DSL via dishNet, DISH Network has an internet package for you. The packages range in price and content, but depending on your budget you’ll be able to find internet with DISH that will make sure you are connected and able to play games, stream movies and enjoy all of your DISH video content!



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