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Xfinity Mobile Has Officially Launched

Cable behemoth Comcast announced back in April a new service that they have been calling Xfinity Mobile. The wireless service is designed to offer unlimited data plans for Comcast customers that can be as cheap as $45 per month, if you are a subscriber of Comcast’s X1 package. The service is now available to the public and can be purchased online.

Xfinity Mobile exists because of Comcast’s MVNO agreement with Verizon Wireless. The service operates on Verizon’s wireless network in conjunction with Comcast’s own 16 million-plus WiFi hotspots spread across the United States. The concept being that Xfinity Mobile users will automatically utilize the WiFi hotspots when they are in range, then seamlessly transition to data when needed.

Another major selling point for the Xfinity Mobile service is the access subscribers are granted to Comcast’s TV streaming service. Xfinity Mobile users can utilize their unlimited data within the Xfinity Stream app to watch 200+ live channels and 40,000 pieces of on-demand content, anywhere they happen to be.

The new service starts at $65 per line, or $45 per line if you are an X1 customer. The $45 price point is also available as a limited-time launch promotion for new customers. Subscribers will also have the option to pay an additional $12 per month, per GB of data that can be shared across multiple lines. While that won’t work for high-data usage customers, that is a very affordable options for people who don’t use a lot of data every month.

There are a few important caveats to this Xfinity Mobile service that potential subscribers should be aware of. The first issue is that of availability. Xfinity Mobile is only available for those people who subscribe to Comcast’s internet services. You cannot purchase the Xfinity Mobile service if you are not using Comcast as your primary internet provider.

Second, Xfinity Mobile does not allow you to bring your own mobile device to the network. The service only works with a specific selection from Comcast’s supported list, which is limited to newer models of the iPhone and Android devices from Samsung and LG.

This new service will allow Comcast to continue to stay relevant as the market shifts away from pay-TV and embraces streaming services. Xfinity Mobile is a strong addition to the marketplace, and is already available to purchase online. If you do use Comcast as your internet provider, Xfinity Mobile is worth taking a look at.



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